About Judith Callison

 a small workspace to create big things

After twenty-plus years climbing the corporate ladder and starting my own businesses, I threw in the towel and hit the road with my husband, Richard, and our trusty Golden Retriever. We bought a Winnebago motorhome and set out to find the real America. A writer and photographer I documented our exploration of the backroads of North America at a popular WordPress blog (RedRoadDiaries.com) and in my Red Road Diaries E book series available on Amazon.

No longer exploring the backroads I now spend my time exploring the boundaries of watercolors. (Watercolor is my current creative outlet. I’ve had a life time of creative explorations detailed in An Artists Journey.) My exploration of watercolor has followed a meandering path through the medium with many deviations. I started by doing your traditional representational pieces, you know, birds, flowers and landscapes, but quickly found they left me emotionally unsatisfied. Detailed studies slowly morphed into looser interpretations and finally into full blown abstraction.

When I paint all else disappears. The normal world, full of stimulations, computer screens, breaking news flashes and annoying bings from my phone are silenced and pushed aside. I tap into some inner source, pull from the ether and have a dialogue with a blank sheet. Each color responds to another, each mark and brush stroke builds off a previous one. The finished product is a unique culmination of a specific time, place and emotion.


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