Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my studio. Let me show you around…..

I explore and experiment by doing small studies. Van Gogh said each drawing one makes, each study one paints, is a step forward. This is a philosophy I live by. If practice doesn’t exactly make perfect, it does lead to improvement. Click HERE to visit my studio and see my small studies.

I usually pull out a fresh, clean sheet of watercolor paper, select a color palette to work with, pick up a brush and unleash the the fates. I never know what will emerge at the end. If you want to head over to see some of the results they hang HERE in my studio.

mixed media in magenta with japan
Mixed Media

Most of my works are generally watercolor or watercolor and gouache. But sometimes I get an urge to mix it up. I might add some India ink or liquid acrylic. Or I go off on a tangent and collage with some Japanese paper, napkins, even remnants of old paintings. I keep all these mixed media pieces HERE.