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NOW AVAILABLE: The Red Road Diaries

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Imagine you could climb into a motorhome and just take off, leaving your day-to-day life behind. Where would you go? What would you want to see? The first of this two-part series might give you some ideas and inspiration. The Red Road Diaries recounts our experiences roaming the back roads of North America in a motorhome. (When you look at a road map it is the smaller roads, the red roads, that we prefer to travel.)

Volume one covers east of the Mississippi, from Florida to New York to Maine, as well as parts of the Midwest and Canada. Loaded with beautiful photographs, the book documents our travels from the majestic Deep South to the pristine mountains and coastlines of New England. Travel with us on a trip around the Great Lakes. Discover the beauty of Canada as we roam Ontario, Quebec, and the Canadian Maritimes. You’ll even see the untamed splendor of Newfoundland. Whether you are just an armchair traveler or planning an adventure of your own, The Red Road Diaries will spark your imagination.

Once you have seen the possibilities, you might be motivated to try the RV lifestyle yourself. You’ll pick up innumerable tips and suggestions regarding RV travel, as well as a wealth of resources to help you on your way. So come along as we explore life on the road, from the beauty of our National Parks to the oddities only found off the beaten path. The Reds Road await.

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Volume Two of The Red Road Diaries is in the works. Enter your email below to receive notification of its publication. It recounts our travels from deep in the heart of Texas to the majestic Canadian Rockies and everything in between. Join us as we sail down the inner passage and wander along the rocky Pacific coast to California. More great photographs and insights into life on the red roads.