Follow me Where??

I’m sitting at my computer writing, trying to get the second volume of my book series formatted and published  by the end of the month. For the last few days I have been seeing pop up messages about getting new “follower’s” on my blog. Not this one, my old one, the Red Road Diaries. This past weekend I posted an announcement there, the first in a while,  about my new book coming out, explained that I wasn’t traveling anymore and I would no longer be posting. I gave a link to this new blog, figuring they might want to come here and check it out.

So why have 10 new people decided to follow me on a blog I just said I was no longer posting to?


  1. Sounds like one of those situations where people just click “Follow” on every post hoping to get followers for themselves.
    Best of luck on your new book!

  2. I follow selectively. However, if people follow me I usually follow them back out of courtesy. It’s tough starting a new blog after establishing another.

    1. I’m pretty selective too. I had many followers on my last blog but there were only a dozen or so I heard from regularly. The blog ran its course and I didn’t what to change its focus. Don’t know where this will go, maybe in nowhere. l liked your blog, looks like I might learn something reading it.

    1. Thanks for the insight Susan, there is a lot to read. That is why I’m putting it all in two ebooks, I like to go revisit my travels and the book is easier for me. I remember you had some great photos, look forward to more.

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